my hot prof emailed us our progress reports

I’m actually doing well in a hard class which hasn’t happened that often in college. Right now I’m averaging an A-. :D I’m happy that working hard is finally paying off. Hot prof teaches the way I like. She lectures useful information in class and is interesting but tough penalizing ppl for showing up late but still being funny about it so we don’t take it too hard. She gives us a ton of hw but it helps keep us working hard the whole semester so we don’t get too relaxed and procrastinate. I’m pretty ecstatic right now. 


Meet my little niece, Fern! Exactly five days older than my little Rocket, she is already one of the most beautifully unique people in my life. Fern was born with Apert Syndrome, an incredibly rare and randomly occurring chromosomal anomaly. This caused some of her bones to prematurely form resulting in an uncommonly shaped skull and fused fingers and toes, all aesthetic abnormalities. A multitude of surgeries will take place in her life before she is even in her preteens. Just last week she went in for brain surgery! Despite all of this, she is a perfect, happy little spirit, a total champion. Having Fern in my life has caused me to view the world in a whole new light. I regret every single time I’ve judged a person for their appearance because people are so much more than just skin and bones. Life will be a little harder for this one than most of us, but she is so loved and I can’t wait to see her grow and flourish into a fearless little woman. I urge you to check yourself next time you see someone who looks a little different. #ApertSyndrome


I would have smashed my phone with a hammer, put it through the blender then flushed it down the toilet in this situation.